What do you have in mind? – Here are some examples to get you in the creative mood….

Theme Ideas

Children’s themed bunk beds – create a dream area for your child’s bedroom where they can spend hours of creative play with beds that will take them into another world from train stations to general stores, pirates to cowboys & indians, football to horse riding stables, princes and princesses.

Entertainment rooms – love to have friends and family over for movie night- are you a Star Wars or Star Trek fan, love spaghetti westerns or action films then why not create an art installation that transforms your room into the movie set.

Retail outlets – selling something special and need to create more business and attract people into your store, then you may need an art installation to represent your goods – turn doors, columns and entranceways into giant shoes, half a train – cracked broken brickwork – old industrial warehouse look, again the list of ideas is never ending….

Hotel rooms & Reception Areas – create a themed reception area – change a dark paneled dated checking in desk area to a themed room that reflects your hotel or where you are situated – if your hotel is near an airport, perhaps incorporate an airplane theme, or if you are by the sea – change your reception desk to reflect a large ship.

Therapy Centre’s – Children’s wards in hospitals, create a warm inviting atmosphere in areas where children and adults need therapy, by creating art installations for play, learning and relaxation, we use birch baltic plywood for our structures with custom hand mixed stains and varnishes, we will design an initial sketch / visual to show exactly how your area will be transformed, then when the details are all in place, we specialize in building and creating that image into a life size room or object.

Ikea kitchens – why do we install Ikea kitchens? we think that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we like Ikea, their kitchen cabinets are very well made and stand up to time, Ikea use’s only high quality hardware, and they offer affordable prices. We live in the Okanagan Valley where there is no Ikea outlet store, so we provide our local residents in the Okanagan with an Ikea delivery and kitchen installation service including custom carpentry where needed. We also provide the service of tiling back-splashes and installing custom laminate countertops with a solid wood edging to finish off any Ikea kitchen we install.


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