Themed kids bed

Train station and cottage loft beds

Themed Beds

Is your child interested in a sports theme or has a favourite computer game?, does your child love horse riding, skate boarding or swimming?
Working with your ideas, let us provide you with the sketches and then we can create the bed for your child to dream in!
These loft beds were made for a special mother who knew her children’s wishes, they have ample room for sleeping, reading, playing, and letting their imaginations flow freely.We designed the ladder to be built in underneath, in the corner of the room to allow more space in the front for the mini town appearance.
Made entirely from birch multiply, stained to show the birch wood grain and then finished in a child friendly water borne varnish. The signs are all hand finished and personalized with your own wording. The two beds come with our hand crafted birch plywood slats. (mattresses not included) These beds are suitable for standard twin mattresses (74 3/8″ x 38 1/4″) Bed frame lengths are 132″ and 93″. Door frame height is 48″. Height of complete bed frame is 73″.


Soccer bed with storage drawer

Football bed with storage drawer

Football – Soccer bed and furniture

This twin bed comes together with a large slide out drawer, miniature goal post with a fitted net to catch the soft football! to be attached as a head board feature, hand made birch bed slats and a matching small bedside table for all of those soccer annuals.  Made from birch multiply, sanded to a smooth finish, stained in a waterborne finish and varnished in a child friendly satin lacquer.  You can have lots of fun with a soft soccer ball in the net covered goal post headboard!  Made to fit a twin mattress 74 3/8″ x 38 1/4″ (mattress and bedding not included)


Loft bed in natural birch

Loft bed with pull out stairs

Fireman themed loft bed

This loft bed was made with a pull out/tuck in staircase,

to save on floor space for playing, and at the foot of the

bed is a fireman’s pole for the boys to have fun sliding down

behind the bookcase made for the parents shared office space!

stage coach bed

Stage coach bed in birch multiply

Stage Coach Bed

Our philosophy – Why not make a complete closed in Stage Coach bed?

Research shows that children start to pretend and take on role playing between the ages of 5 & 6.  By acting out what they see in their imagination, children are using creative play to make sense of the world around them, so just like our wooden horse’s head, your child’s imagination will create the closed in stage coach, the wild west mountain scenery and their favourite galloping horses to take them on their many amazing adventures with their friends and siblings, once they are tired out from all of this creative playing, they can climb into the comfort of their coach bed, snuggle up and sleep the night away.

braided horse mane

Interactive toy horse

Our Horse’s!

Interactive Unique Toy Horse

We thought we’d introduce our toy horse collection! Our interactive life-size toy horse’s head comes complete with a flowing mane, removable bridle with reins, and a set of fanciful hair elastics and ribbons. Your child will spend many happy and creative hours designing decorative braiding for their special pony. The horse is made of birch multiply, hand crafted, sanded to a smooth finish, and then stained to reveal the wood grain, leaving the illusion of horse hair. Finally, we hand paint a big and expressive eye – just like on a real horse.. Each horse is lovingly crafted and has its own character; no two horses will ever be the same!

The horse comes with a 2 piece interlocking handmade wooden wall mounted bracket, which allows you to place your horse at the right height for your growing child. The bracket on the back of the horse head allows for it to be removed at any time, without using tools, and at the same time it is extremely strong and secure, please convo me for extra photos of the bracket wall mounting system.

Size of the horse head: 28″ from top of ears to the bottom of the neck and 32″ from the bottom corner of the neck to the nose tip.

Our philosophy – why just a horse head?

Between the ages of 5 and 6, children start to pretend and role play. By acting out what is in the imagination they are using creative play to make sense of the world around them. So, there’s no need to make a complete horse – your child’s imagination will create the rest of the horse, and it will be truly and uniquely theirs..

Our horses encourage imaginative play – just by clipping on the walking reins, your child can take their horse for a long walk through the country fields or around the stables, prepare their horse for riding by simply pulling the bridle over the horse’s nose and ears, and even pretend to feed a hungry horse through its open mouth. Picture your child preparing her horse for grand show jumping tournaments by having the best braided horse in the show. With such a beautiful long mane and so many elastics and ribbons, many hours of fun will be devoted to practising all the art forms of mane braiding – this horse will most certainly be a winner!

Studies have proven that children who are encouraged to practise imaginative play in their early years are almost always the most active learners in elementary school.

“As the muscles in the hand grow strong through use, so is the brain exercised by toys that require the child to complete them in the imagination”

Rudolf Steiner

Not suitable for children under 5 years of age due to small parts.


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