Gina & Alex Hanfstingl have worked on projects all over the world in Germany, England, Holland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Africa and Canada.  They both immigrated to Canada in December 2007. Once in Canada they hit the ground running and began completing projects of a large variety.

Alex Hanfstingl has worked on TV series, TV game shows, Film set construction and International exhibitions for over 20 years. In 1989, he gained a Journeyman Carpenters certificate, and in 1994 he gained a Studio Masters certificate for structural safety, (static requirements) for ceilings, stage building, turntables, flying walls and fire regulations required in auditoriums.

In his early days he worked as a film set carpenter for Magic Media Company, Cologne then went on to work at Steinberg Dekoration, Dusseldorf and finally in 1995 set up his own workshop business with Gina, where he continued to work and in co-operation with the firms Stage Kinetik and Henn project worked on film and television construction, set building, international exhibitions, and also moved into private residential homes, offices, hotels and discotheque interiors.  Alex specializes in wood working carpentry, and enjoys creating solutions to usually unsolvable problems!

Gina Hanfstingl has been working as a designer for over 20 years, after receiving 3 diplomas in 1985 in Art, Graphic and Interior design in London, England.

In her early days, she worked as an interior designer for Tricon Consultancy, London, UK where she produced water color design visuals and interior design sample boards for large scale restaurants and hotel interiors.

In 1995 Gina moved to Germany and teamed up with Alex where she designed interior sets, TV game show decorations, specialized paint finishes and custom carpentry furniture.

Gina works with all kinds of medium including some of the following: wood, plaster, watercolor, acrylic, oxidizing mediums and gold leafing.

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