Full over full bunk bed

Modern full over full bunk bed with storage drawer on castors

Full over Full Bunk Bed with storage drawer.

This has to be one of the strongest full over full bunk beds on the market! This bunk bed set was specially made for a Ski-Resort condo up in Whistler, B.C. Made entirely out of birch multiply to hold the weight of adult guests staying with the family, in their small holiday condo and when guests are not staying, the bunk bed is used by their three children.  The style and height of this bed enable the fitted sheets to be made with absolute ease, (without breaking your back or finger nails!)  The bed is no higher than 64″, and still has a comfortable space of 40″ between bottom bed slats to underneath top bunk slats for sitting, (including a good sitting space between top bunk and ceiling area), and we have incorporated a large storage drawer underneath the bottom bunk, on castors.  The bed measures 78″ long and just under 57″ wide.  Made to fit Full/Double size mattresses measuring ( 74 3/8″ x 53 1/8″) with a thickness of between 8″ or 9”.  We make all our beds by hand, so if you require a twin version of this bunk set or need the drawer storage to be converted into a trundle bed, then please drop us an email, we are always happy to hear from you.

Birch Full over full bunk bed

Side view showing the ladder to our full/full bunk bed

full/full bunk bed

Strong and solid full over full bunk bed

made in Canada bunk bed

Inside view of our birch full over full bunk bed

bunk bed detail

Detail showing the natural beauty of birch and our smooth edges

bunk beds made in canada

Detail showing the storage drawer and the simple beauty of the birch

Full over full bunk bed

Inside view of our full over full bunk bed

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